Among the products and services we make available:

Accounting Services

We provide clients with audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements, as well as agreed upon procedure reports, financial projections and forecasts. We service a wide range of clients, from small to large clients.


We can offer professional advice and can provide representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state revenue agencies.

Small Business Services

We assist our small business clients with business and corporate tax returns, preparation of financial statements, monthly write-up services, payroll tax reporting, and W-2 preparation.

Tax Planning Services

Our tax planning services encompass corporate, partnership,fiduciary/estate, individual taxation needs, and fringe benefit plans, along with tax issues related to choice of legal entity planning.

Business Consulting Services

• Business valuations
• Forecasts and projections
• Business mergers and acquisitions
• Business planning
• Benchmarking/Industry comparisons

Life Insurance

Risk can be assumed, ignored, or transferred to a risk bearer. Life insurance is about managing risk. By asking questions and understanding their concerns and needs, we help clients select appropriate products and services to help achieve their personal, business and financial objectives.


Through our relationship with other firms, we provide clients with full retirement planning services for qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. We also help clients look at the eventual distribution of their retirement assets.


Couples or individuals in this stage are actively saving for retirement, somewhat sophisticated financially, and generally confident about their financial future.

  • Their age range is from mid twenties to late thirties or early forties.
  • They enjoy stable cash flow, with their income exceeding their expenditures.

They recognize uncertainty of Social Security and employer provided benefits. Their main risk and concern is earning an income while saving for retirement.

Managing Retirement:

Individuals and couples with this need tend to be more established in their careers. They generally have a stable cash flow and a certain amount of disposable income.

  • Their age range begins in the late 40’s and continues through the early 60’s.
  • Many have changed jobs, have children in college, or financially support elderly parents.

Their primary financial risk is loss of income while still in their high income years.


Businesses and their owners generally pass through several identifiable stages during their business life cycle. Business Protection is the first stage...

Our Job?

Helping to ensure that you are protected from unexpected tragedIES AND EVENTS.



A company represents a “culture.” At Infinity Financial, it is the coming together of people around a common set of values, beliefs, and purpose. It’s more than products and services, or features and benefits. It is about sharing a common cause. It is about our customers achieving peace of mind.

It defines the WHY we do what we do.